be merry, be bright...

We got our Christmas Tree yesterday.
We tried to get one last year but foolishy tried a couple of new lots.
Should've known better.
We always find the perfect tree in the lot at our old highschool.
And this year was no exception.
I've only managed to string the lights so far.
And that took me almost all afternoon.
I did them once.
Even drove down to Canadian Tire for more.
Stood back.
Almost half the tree looked bare.
What the heck?
Pulled them all off.
Tried again...
What the HELL?
You have got to be kidding me!
Eventually, they were to my liking.
But of course by that time I was in no mood to actually decorate the tree.
So I just left it.
And I might just leave it for a few days.
I actually really like it like this.

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