new and improved canadian pride...

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If nothing else, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics ignited a fierce, visible patriotism all across this country.
And I, for one, love it.
I, like everyone else, had no idea this was going to happen.
But I'm thrilled that it has.
I have always been incredibly proud to be Canadian.
As an immigrant I know exactly how lucky I am to live here.
And it wasn't about how many metals we won (although there were an awful lot of them).
It was simply about loving Canada and letting the world see it.
I hope the feeling lasts.
I hope we continue to wear our HBC Canada hoodies (especially after all the effort it took me to get mine!).
I hope the patriotism remains visible.
Go Canada.


  1. B-
    just got my CANADA jacket in the mail today. I resorted to ebay when all the stores sold out!
    i will wear it with pride