first of all i need to thank...

I got an award.
Very cool.
Thank you to the lovely Sarah of kooandpoppet.
She was awarded the 'stylish blogger' award and in-turn awarded it to me.
I met Sarah a few years back.
We worked together for a very short (too short) while.
I've actually written about her before.
I love Sarah's writing and think she should write a book.
She actually manages to put sentences together into coherent and eloquent paragraphs.
Obviously, I don't.

In order to accept the Stylish Blogger Award I'm supposed to tell you 7 things that you likely don't already know about me.

1. I know all the words to The Little Mermaid's Part of Your World. I think it came out when I was in grade eight. Because I was a giant nerd, I bought the cassette tape. It was white. And I played it in my ghetto blaster over and over and over. And learned all the words. And still remember them. My husband is honoured with a performance every now and then.

photo from here

2. My name was picked out of a hat by my sister. I might've been a Patricia. And I don't have a middle name.  

photo from here

3. I am terrified of walking on open grating. Seriously terrified. It doesn't even have to be very far off the ground. At the ferry terminals, when you disembark off the car deck, the ramp you have to walk on is made of this horrible giant-holed metal grill stuff. Before BC Ferries realized that dogs can't walk on this crap, there was no other option. Unacceptable! Eventually they added an asphalt walkway on one side. I walk on that. Also, there's a really cool old bridge just off the Fraser Canyon highway (Alexandra Bridge). It's really pretty and has a gorgeous view of the canyon and river.You can't drive on it anymore but you can walk across it. If you dare. It's a giant grid deathtrap. Glen and I walked across it one time and he had bruises on his upper arm where I was clenching for my life. Brutal. But seriously, I even avoid manhole covers in the sidewalk. Weird. I know.

photo from here

4. I put sugar on my cottage cheese pergoies and cream sauce. When I was young, my mom's friend introduced me to this intriguing combination. And I was instantly hooked. I can't eat them any other way. And on that note, perogies can only be cottage-cheese. Potato perogies are gross. I'm just saying.

photo from here

5. I fold my ear lobes into themselves when I'm tired. Always have. When I get tired, my ears get cold. And it feels really good to fold them up. And I suppose because I've done this my whole life, they've become nice and maleable. This activity creeps Glen out. Whatever. He doesn't know what he's missing.

photo from here

6. I love books. That in itself is not a surprise to anyone who knows me. And I try to only buy hardcovers because they are so much prettier on my bookshelves. I spend forever at the bookstore (Chapters is my favourite because I like how the books are displayed) reading the inside flaps and choosing the 3 or 4 I'm going to buy. But my absolute favourite part about buying books is when I get home. I just absolutely love pulling my stash from the bag. I read the flaps again to decide which I want to read first. And then I pull the paper covers off, cut off the part that tells me what the book is about, stick that in the book (so I'll have it for future reference) and stack them somewhere in my house...I have stacks all over the place. And I just feel happy. I look at my stacks of unread books and smile. Simple pleasures I guess.

photo by me

7. I faked a cramp at an elementary school track meet as soon as I realized I wasn't going to win. Whatever! Don't judge.

photo from here


  1. oh and I love your photo of knit bunnies, book spines and Kiki and Polly art! (still have to get mine in a frame!!)

  2. thanks sarah. :) i knit the bunnies from a pattern i found on ravelry. are they not the cutest things ever? (well next to koos and poppets). my frame is just ikea.