too nice to use...

Glen and I each use a paper towel as a napkin every evening at dinner.
Because it's easy.
But it's also a giant waste.
So I decided we would start using cloth napkins instead.
I was at my mom's for lunch admiring her simple white cloth napkins and she said I could have them.
Thanks mom!
I embroidered some of them and think they're super cute.
I did a 'Canada' series and a 'Designer Chair' series.
The problem?
Glen thinks they're too nice to use!
He's just gonna have to get over it.
They're going into rotation tonight.
As we eat our hamburgers while watching the Canucks game.
(yes I've jumped on the Canucks bandwagon).


  1. B!! THese are amazing!!!!
    I LOVE the chair collection!
    thanks for your kind message on my blog.
    hope things are going well, take care,
    Sarah xo