a hard couple of months...

Look out...this might get long.

I'm finally starting to feel normal again.
Although participating in One of a Kind Vancouver was amazing and has led to some exciting opportunities for 2012, the preparation and lead-up was really hard.
Apparently I put a lot of pressure on myself.
Gee, who knew?
So, of course, everything needed to be perfect.
Although I know rationally that's impossible, it doesn't stop me from trying.
And going over every detail in my head over and over and over in vicious circles.
Very unhealthy.

So I was working feverishly, knitting about 14-15 hours a day.
Hiring knitters!
Getting help from mom and mom-in-law.
Glen was a superstar...bringing my booth design into reality.
And then, one week before the show, I sliced my left forefinger trimming gift certificates.

I needed 3 stitches.
That sucked.
And meant I couldn't knit for a few days.

Then two days later we had to put our cat down.


That was horrible.
He hadn't been eating and drinking for a few days.
We took him to the vet thinking some medication would fix him right up.
We were told that 'this kitty is really sick' and that he likely wouldn't make it through the night.
What the hell?
We had him for 12 years and I miss him like crazy.
I always knew it would be hard when he died, but didn't know just how hard.
I still cry at least once a day.
I'm undecided on whether to get another cat in the new year.

All this added to insane amounts of stress.
So, that just meant that my stupid health issues flared up just in time for the big show and I was physically unable to be there manning my booth.
Thankfully, I have some amazing friends and family.
There was someone at the show every minute of the 4 days covering for me.
I can't express to Karen, Kim, Jessica and Veronica (and my booth sitter Sally!) just how grateful I am to them.
In the end, the show was a huge success and I'm happy I did it.

This was a huge lesson learned.
Don't take on more than you can handle.
Next year's Christmas craft show season is going to be very different around here.

Now it's a week later and I'm almost back to normal.
I'm forcing myself to not do anything.
We didn't even get a Christmas tree this year...too much work.
Glen made this instead. (copied from here)

I actually love it.
I'm lying on the sofa listening to Christmas music and catching up on blogs, perusing Pinterest and just plain relaxing.
I could get used to this.

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