Glen and I drove down to Portland, OR for a few days. There's an annual old car swap meet that's apparently fantastic. Glen is building a '34 Ford truck so wanted to check things out.

1. The famous Portland sign. Someone put a 'for lease' sign right under it (who does that??) so it
    was impossible to get a really good shot of it.
2. The view from our hotel room. If you look really hard in the bottom left corner, you'll see Glen
    bringing me a morning coffee before he heads to the swap meet. Yes, I have a wonderful
3. Out and about I came upon this very cool sign.
4. I also discovered the store Alder + co. I could've bought one of everything. And it was located in
    this really great building.
5. Schoolhouse Electric topped my list of things to see/do in Portland. The building was beautiful.
   The store was beautiful. I want to live in that store.
6. We decided to take a detour to Cannon Beach rather than head back up the I-5. It was a lovely
7. The Astoria Bridge. 

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