project365 week 14...

1. sunday morning coffee and knitting.
2. barn door take 2. glen made the first one out of plywood and it was crazy warped. so he made
    a new one with mdf and it's much nicer. now we just need a handle.
3. some origami bunnies in preparation for easter dinner.
4. monogrammed easter eggs. when I was a kid, my mom would hollow out the eggs and fill them
    with treats. that's what I did here. after I filled them I just glued a bit of tissue paper over the
5. sitting on the front steps in the sun. it wasn't actually very warm out but I managed a few
6. more origami eggs. these held the monogrammed eggs and served as place settings at easter
7. reading in bed. finally reading the grapes of wrath. it's taking me a while. so far I'm not exactly

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