project365 week 21...

1. Spring raindrops on plants.
2. I can't seem to stop designing new pieces. I love how this one turned out. Another chevron in
    super soft alpaca.
3. Oops. Somehow I made this cowl about 25% too long. So I unravelled it and started over. Still
    not sure how I managed to miscount by more than 30 stitches.
4. I couldn't resist giving Little Miss a pet while she slept. She woke up with a giant yawn.
5. Just driving along my regular, very residential, route and came across this guy (or gal).
6. Not a cloud in the sky today.
7. My photographer and prop carrier. We're almost finished photographing all the new pieces. This
    was the most gorgeous day. Finally felt like summer was coming. 

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