project365 week 34...

1. We just got back from our Idaho/Montana/Alberta road trip and I'm starting to plan our New
    England road trip. I am really looking forward to it. Fall is my absolute favourite time of year
    and we're going at the peak of fall foliage season. It's going to be fantastic to spend 2 weeks
    in the middle of all those gorgeous colours. Usually, on road trips, we just drive...no plan, no
    real destinations. We stop when we're tired. This time, I'm going to try to do a bit more planning.
    We'll see how that goes.
2. Some dramatic flowers from my garden. Another gift from my old boss. And I finally figured
    out what they're called...crocosmia lucifer. Maybe not the prettiest name but definitely my
    favourite plant in the garden. 
3. Neon pink pedicure. The photo doesn't show just how crazy bright my toes are.
4. My niece told me my outfit matches my laundry room. I definitely did not plan that but
    she's absolutely right.
5. There's a beautiful nursery right near my house - W.I.G. (wester independent growers) - that
    specializes in exotic succulents. They're actually the only place in Canada that carries them. I
    went to have a look and was overwhelmed with the choices. So I left empty-handed. (I went
    back with Glen on Saturday and picked some. Now I just need to plant them)
6. Our house. That grass in the front is about 5'-6" tall and that little clump of yellow on the left
    are actually a form of black-eyed susan...and they're about 8ft tall. Crazy. Remember what the
    house looked like when we bought it 5 years ago?
7. More flowers from my garden. This is the first year I've had enough for a bouquet. 

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