project365 week 40... new york / new england!

1. Our amazingly beautiful hotel room at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It's called a
    Manhattan View King. The photo doesn't show the full extent of the view. It was incredible. 
    Every single thing about the design of the hotel and the room was perfect. Glen and I decided 
    we could both live there. However...we were on the 5th floor and there was a night club on the 
    6th floor. Not cool. We ended up switching rooms a couple of times. The staff was all super 
    friendly and accommodating and in the end they even comped our room for one night and
    reduced the rate of the other two nights. So no complaints. And we'd definitely stay there again.
2. Our first full day in New York was a gorgeous warm and sunny fall day. We decided to do the
    Empire State Building while the weather was cooperating. We each paid $10 extra to get to the 
    front of the line. Why doesn't everyone do that?? Then, after we'd already paid, they told us we 
    got a free 90 minute harbour cruise included. Fantastic! So that's what we did. And this is a
    shot as we pass under the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.
3. The second day rained. All day. Pouring rain. But it was surprisingly warm. So we bought a 
    couple of cheap umbrellas and walked. Soho, Greenwich, 5th Avenue, Central Park. I went to 
    Purl Soho and it was just as lovely as I'd expected. We didn't do any other shopping. We really 
    just wanted to be in New York...see the buildings, hear the taxis, feel like we were in an
    episode of Law & Order. We went to the Guggenheim Museum but didn't go in...we're not 
    really into art. Instead, we picked up some Dean & Deluca on Madison Avenue and had a 
    picnic at the Guggenheim. 
4. We picked up our rental car in Brooklyn. After driving through in our taxi, we wished we'd had 
    an extra day to explore. Glen doesn't actually really enjoy travelling. Or at least he has no real 
    desire to do it. When we go somewhere he has a good time but he could stay home and be 
    perfectly content. But, just the other day, he said he wants to go back to Brooklyn. Works for
    me. We really didn't hang out there at all. We got our car and headed out of town. So this is 
    just a shot of a brick wall I liked. As we sat at a red light. The rest of the day was filled with
    interstates and traffic and chaos. Until we hit Connecticut. 
5. The Glass House. So incredibly beautiful. I was a bit worried that it wouldn't live up to all the 
    photos I've seen. But it did. The plan was to see the house and continue on our way, but they 
    weren't offering tours on the day we arrived in New Canaan, and you can't access the house if 
    not on a tour. So we decided to stay. It's one of my favourite buildings ever so we thought it 
    was worth losing a day of driving. And it was. 
6. Connecticut is gorgeous. The entire state. Again, I was a bit worried that New England wouldn't 
    live up to my idea of it. I thought all the movies or tv shows set in New England I'd seen were 
    surely faked in some way. Well, they weren't. It truly is that pretty. And Connecticut is the 
    prettiest. All the fantastic 18th century colonial homes. The perfect little towns. The winding 
    tree-lined roads. Everything. 
7. One example of how perfect New England is. This is in New Hampshire. Just so pretty!

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