project365 week 45...

1. Glen picking the winner of my first giveaway. Thanks again to everyone that participated.
2. Setting the clocks back an hour means it's dark at 4:30pm. Which sucks. This photo was taken
    in my office looking out into the hall.
3. So very happy that America made the right choice. Phew.
4. I made a book of instagram photos from our New York / New England trip through blurb. Thanks
    to The 10 Cent Designer it was free (well I upgraded to hardcover and had to pay for
    shipping...but still!). I've made books with blurb before so I knew it would be great. And it was.
    I want to do this for all my trips now.
5. There are giant mushrooms growing in our backyard. Lots of them. Neat and also kinda gross.
6. My new t-shirt from the make-it show. (ole originals)
7. We went up to Glen's family cabin for the long weekend. We had a sunny day, a stormy day,
    a bonfire. Lovely fall weekend.

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