what the hell happened to my formatting???


  1. B-
    do not fear, I am here to help! Blog lady to the resuce!!!!
    p.s. my blog is still with blogger - just one of their new design templates.
    what exactly is going wrong with yours? photo size?

  2. yay!!!...sorry, i didn't see you'd responded! thank-you!
    weeellll....i THINK i may have figured it out but i'm not sure. i like everything to be left aligned. and i used to be able to insert a photo, hit enter, and start typing. and magically, everything remained left justified. but now, when i do the same thing, there are either 15 extra line spaces between the photo and the text, or the text appears to the right of the photo! AND the screen i'm composing in looks completely different from the preview screen!
    so i did some research and think that if i use larger photos and start typing to the right of them, rather than hitting enter first, the text won't find and thus will end up below the photo...where i want it.
    HOWEVER, that's a giant pain in the ass requiring numerous 'preview' checks and still only sometimes providing the results i'm looking for.