back door before and after...

This is what our back door looked liked before.

Then I decided I would like to be able to see out the door.
I thought the extra light coming into the kitchen would be nice too.
So, Glen found a beautiful half-lite door on Craigslist a while back.
It was cheap.
But, it ended up being a ton of work to get it installation ready.
A ton of work for Glen.
He stripped the paint...about 4 layers at least.
He added wood strips all around the sides to fill weird gaps.
He filled the original hardware holes as they were in the wrong place.
He made new holes for the knob and deadbolt.
He chiselled in new holes for new hinges.
He sanded.
I primed.
I painted.
And painted.
And painted.
And now our back door looks like this.


  1. Love the door! Now what is the lovely green framed piece by the door?

  2. cmac: the print is called 'beautiful leaves of canada' and is available here http://www.lovelydesign.com/lovely_products_leaves.html