peach milkshakes...

Last weekend was our 11th wedding anniversary.
So we took a drive out to the Okanagan for some peach milkshakes in Keremeos.
To Parson's Fruit Stand to be exact. (over 100 yrs in Keremeos, 4th generation owners)

Absolutely delicious.
Okanagan peaches are my all time favourite fruit.
And yes, they have to be Okanagan peaches.
Grocery store peaches just don't measure up.


I know...we could make them here ourselves and save an awful lot of gas, money, driving etc.
But that just wouldn't be the same.
We wouldn't experience the intense desert heat.
And feel the cool mist from the edge of the fruit stand roof to cool us off.
And smell all the fantastic Okanagan grown fruit and vegetables.
Plus, the peaches are picked that day from the orchard right behind the fruit stand.
We waited what felt like forever for our milkshakes to be made.
But man, they were so worth the wait.
And the drive.

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