knit knit knit knit...

I'm knitting like a crazy person.
Trying to get ready for a photo shoot.
In order to get ready for a craft fair in December.
I haven't even submitted my application to the fair as I need to include photos of my stuff.
I can't include photos until I've had the photo shoot.
Can't have the photo shoot until I've knit enough stuff.
Hence, knit knit knit knit.
The shoot is supposed to be this weekend but according to the forecast it's going to rain.
This could be disastrous.
If it doesn't happen this weekend, it has to wait until 2 weekends from now.
Which only gives me a week to submit before the deadline.
And what if it's raining that weekend???
Whoever thought knitting would be stressful?


  1. Beautiful, I am looking forward to see your nice work at the craft fair :)