nature shows...

I'm not sure if I've previously mentioned my love of nature shows.
If not, have a look at my 'about' page.
Or I'll just tell you...
I love them.
A lot.
They're pretty much my favourite things to watch.
Especially anything made and/or narrated by David Attenborough.

And lately, I've run into a few people that hadn't heard of Planet Earth.
How is that even possible?
It's only the best nature series ever to be made.
Obviously I've seen the series.
Multiple times in fact.
However, I didn't own it.
I know.
But, I own it now.
And I only paid $25 for it!
I got it on Amazon.ca.
Very exciting.
You should get it too.
(side note: don't get the US version narrated by Sigourney Weaver. not good. not good at all.)

I own two other nature series which, surprise surprise, are also narrated by Sir David.
Life and Nature's Most Amazing Events.
($25 each at amazon.ca)
Both are fantastic and I've watched them over and over and over.
(again Oprah narrated the version of Life shown on the Discovery Channel in the US. Blech. Aside from the fact that the US version has been somewhat 'dumbed down', Sir David is just so much better. Really, anything sounds better with an english accent doesn't it?)

Now, the reason I'm telling you all of this is...
a) because I'm so excited to have received my Planet Earth in the mail today and
b) the makers of Planet Earth have made a new series called Frozen Planet and the first episode is airing here on March 19!

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited.
It's in my calendar.
With a couple of reminders.

If you're interested, Sir David made a bunch of other fantastic series previous to Planet Earth.
The two I've seen are The Life of Birds and The Life of Mammals.
Check out this clip for a preview of The Life of Birds.
So great.

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