project365 week 9...

1. beautiful sunshine coming in the living room window on sunday evening.
2. trying to decide on tile for the fireplace surround. the ones I originally wanted don't look the
    same anymore (bottom right). they're coming out of the quarry kind of yellowy and looking
    dirty. thinking of the hexagons as an alternative but am not quite convinced. 
3. started loading yarn onto the new shelves in my office.
4. testing red lipstick. I never ever wear lipstick so I'm not sure what possessed me but I love it.
    (also...my hair looks really dark in this photo)
5. things are starting to grow in the garden.
6. rainy friday evening at home watching planet earth.
7. meet our new kitten! Little Miss Mirabelle. we adopted her from the spca on saturday and she's
    adorable. (i'll write more about her in another post)

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