project365 week 17...

I played around with the layout...I like the layout and that the images are bigger but don't like that you have to scroll up and down to match each caption with its photo. What do you think? New layout or old?

1. My dad and I went to the Canucks game. We lost. Which means the Presidents' Trophy
    winners (for the second year in a row) were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Crappy.
    But I still had a lovely time with my dad.
2. Highlight of the day...stocking up on fruit. Yes, very exciting day.
3. Finally finished a slouchy chevron hat in baby alpaca. It took a bit of figuring/trial and error to
    get it to fit comfortably around my head while still maintaining the slouchiness. I think I got it
    in the end.
4. Bought a new plant for the kitchen. I made 2 macrame hangers months ago but only had one
5. Little Miss really really wanted to attack my knitting. She was ever so slowly creeping closer
    and closer. Too cute.
6. The wallpaper for the laundry room arrived! After ordering about 25 different samples, I went
    with the one I originally wanted. But at least now I feel totally confident that I made the right
    choice and that there is absolutely nothing better out there. (I wallpapered on Saturday and I
    absolutley love it...I'll post photos of the whole room when it's done).
7. In a burst of unprecedented energy (brought on by the gorgeous sunny day) I scrubbed the front
    steps on Friday. This is us admiring them on Saturday as we head out for breakfast.

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