project365 week 19...

1. I went to my in-laws' cabin on one of the Gulf Islands for a few days (we got married on the
    island). Glen had to work so I went up for a few days and hung out with my mother and
    father-in-law. The weather was unsettled but mostly nice. I got some knitting done and a bit
    of a sunburn.
2. The view south to Mayne Island and the neighbour's beautiful walkway and dock.
3. Heading home on the ferry.
4. Spent the day knitting in preparation for my photoshoot planned for the weekend. Little Miss
    was a big help.
5. Sneak Peek of some new lucky14 fingerless gloves for fw2012.
6. When I started growing my hair, my goal was to be able to do a side braid. Success!
7. Glen's parents took us for dinner and a show on friday night. You might not know that Glen
    went to music school and has Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance. Some of his
    technical studies / warm-up exercises were written by Allen Vizzutti. Allen was performing with
    the VSO on friday so mom and dad-in-law thought we might want to go. And we did. Crepes and
    a symphony concert made for a lovely evening.

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