project365 week 18...

1. I sewed a curtain to hide laundry supplies. Originally we were just going to keep that shelf open
    but I found all the clutter really annoying. So rather than making a door that I'd have to open and
    close a million times, I sewed a curtain. I'm not usually a fan of curtains in lieu of cabinet doors
    but it was by far the simplest and cheapest solution. And I actually kind of like it. And I sure do
    love that wallpaper.
2. Monday turned into a photoshop day.
3. Guess where I went.
4. It's looking like spring in our front yard. I love the colour of the tree's leaves right now.
5. I made rhubarb crisp with fresh rhubarb from my mother-in-law's garden. Delicious. It was gone
    in 2 days.
6. Took a drive up to Squamish to scout possible photoshoot locations. Didn't find what I was
    looking for but had a nice drive (the sun even came out) and brunch in Squamish.
7. I'm knitting / hanging out in the bedroom today so I can listen to an audiobook without
    disturbing poor Glen who has to work all weekend (he's in the living room). I never hang out in
    here so it's actually kind of nice.   

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