project365 week 24...

1. Working on the fw2012 lookbook for lucky14 at the dining room table.
2. In honour of my Oma's 90th birthday, I turned all my globes to show Brazil (where she lives).
3. Bought a new Mac. Although I love it now that it's finally working properly, it was a giant pain in
    the ass to set up. All my old Mac programs (Photoshop etc) wouldn't run on the new one. Very
    very frustrating.
4. June 13 and I'm wearing giant knit slipper boots. Ridiculously crappy weather.
5. The sun came out for about 2.5 minutes, so I ran out to get a photo for the day. The foxgloves 
    are gigantic.
6. I just love the view of the laundry room from the hall now that the wallpaper and hanging rod
    are up. So pretty.
7. Maybe if we pretend it's summer, summer will actually show up? (hasn't worked so far)

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