project365 week 25...

1. The first pattern book I made is now a complete mess and literally falling apart. So I'm making
    a separate little book apart from the book I make notes / scribble in. 
2. Knitting and an afternoon snack.
3. Customers have requested removable covers for my pillows. So I'm going to give it a try. I
    really don't like sewing. But it's really not that hard so it's worth a shot.
4. Success. Sort of. The proportions turned out a bit wonky but an easy enough fix I think.
5. Afternoon nap with Missy.
6. FINALLY finished the fw2012 lookbook. I sure hope it turns out ok! (I already discovered one
    mistake yesterday...too late)
7. My espresso machine died on Saturday. I use it every. single. day. So I'm definitely going to
    miss it while it's out for repair. This shark is just a bit of fun graffiti we saw in the alley behind
    the repair shop. 

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