project365 week 27...

1. Happy Canada Day! I got these cute nail tattoos at Michaels. We went to a Canada Day party 
    at our friends' place. They have the most amazing view of the city from their gigantic patio. 
    Except for the fact that it was absolutely freezing (I had the fire on all day at home), we had a 
    lovely time catching up with people we hadn't seen in a while.
2. My peony bush only had one bloom this year. I blame the horrendous June weather.
3. The weather is trying to change, but I would call this decidedly unsettled.
4. The 'updraft' chevron toque in seaspray. 
5. Fresh, local strawberries. Definitely the end of the season though...this bowl full was mostly 
    over-ripe. (i.e. rotten). 
6. There's some kind of mill along the dyke. I'm not sure what they make there except for giant 
    piles of sawdust. But I love it. 
7. Glen sold his chopper today. He bought the original frame in 1995. He has another project to 
    work on though so it's not too sad. 

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