project365 week 28...

1. We went out to the swap meet at the Twilight Drive-In in Aldergrove. Came away with a bunch
    of good stuff.
2. Finally started painting the office door. We lived without a door for over 3 years until we found 
    this door at a salvage yard. Glen stripped the multiple layers of paint and hung it last summer. I
    finally decided on a colour about a month ago. Managed to prime it this week. 
3. One of my hydrangea bushes is going absolutely crazy. There must be over 60 giant blooms on
    it. It's gorgeous but too big for its current location so I'll have to find a better spot for it. 
4. Crochet and neon nails.
5. Out to Krause Berry Farms again. Yum.
6. My mom found this monogrammed handkerchief for me at the thrift store she works/volunteers
7. My espresso machine is fixed. Hooray!

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