project365 week 29...

1. We took another trip to my favourite place...Britannia Heritage Shipyards in Richmond. I wish
    I could live here.
2. Another photo my my gorgeous hydrangeas.
3. The flamingos in my garden.
4. New chevron fingerless wristlets. 
5. Flagged the ice cream truck down in the evening. I had a creamsicle. Felt like a kid again.
6. Finished painting the office door. It looks a bit more neon in this photo than it actually is. It's a
    gorgeous coral (Valspar - blaze orange). I'll never use Valspar again though. It was really thick
    and didn't cover well. I had to do 3 coats and ran out of paint. I'll stick to Benjamin Moore
    from now on.
7. There was a chickadee in the basement on Saturday morning. We have no idea how long it was
    there. No more than a week but still...not good! Poor thing was probably starving. We opened
    the door and it flew out fairly quickly. 

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