project365 week 30...

1. I just love how she tucks her tail around her face when she sleeps.
2. My favourite mug...touristy souvenir from the city I was born in. The trees are Brazilian Pine
    - pinheiro - and they're everywhere. There's even a handful around my parents' old
    neighbourhood that my dad and grandpa planted. 
3. It rained like crazy for 2 days and my hydrangea bush got destroyed.
4. But then I had hydrangeas in every room of the house. And they actually smelled lovely. I didn't
    realize hydrangea's had a pretty smell.
5. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue today.
6. Packaged up a little something for my niece's 1st birthday. (A pair of legwarmers I knit. Hope
    they fit as I just made them up as I went along)
7. We finally found a screen door for the front entry!! We couldn't get a regular swing door because
    it wouldn't clear the porch light. And any of the retractable ones we'd seen were either really
    expensive or really bulky or both. Until now. We found this one at Lowes. It's about as good as
    it's going to get and only cost $144. It makes a huge difference to the temperature inside the 
    house now that we can get a cross breeze from front to back. And Missy likes it too. 


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey there!
    Can I come over and steal that mug from you?

    Like your pictures!

    1. Hi Waltrude,
      No you can't have my mug! :) I even bought 2 just in case I broke one. (Glen isn't allowed to use them). I got them at the gift shop across the street from the Opera de Arame. But that was 4 years ago.

  3. Will have to keep my eyes open for some similar ones to come and live at my house! :-)