project365 week 31...

1. Thinned out the bamboo. We got 3 full-grown stalks from my old boss about 4 years ago. Since
    then, it has gone crazy. We have to thin it out every year...which is a good thing. It looks great,
    sounds pretty and makes beautiful shadows on our bedroom wall. Thank you David!
2. Loving the screen door.
3. New treats from Chapters.
4. There's an oak tree growing in the bamboo. Crazy squirrels.
5. No photo today. First photo I missed all year. But it was a crappy day (health wise) in a mostly
    crappy month and I just couldn't summon the energy to care about a photo. 
6. Glen found a bluejay feather in the yard a couple of weeks ago and brought it in for me. It's
    really pretty. The blue only shows up on one half of one side. 
7. Too hot. I hate the heat. So far, the temperature this summer has been just about perfect...mid
    20s (celsius). But the weekend was too hot. So we had creamscicles to cool down. 

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