project365 week 32...

1. Way too hot to do anything.
2. Beautiful sunset. Too bad there're ugly houses and power lines in the way.
3. The first, super early, signs of fall. 
4. Road trip! We started out towards the Okanagan (interior of BC) for some peach milkshakes
    before heading south into Washington State.
5. Made it to Idaho, which was really beautiful. We only saw a small portion of the northern 1/3
    of the state because we cut across on Route 12. But what we saw was gorgeous. 
6. Montana. Cows on the wrong side of the fence and Glen in a field checking out bones spotted
    from the highway.
7. Back in the Okanagan...Keremeos specifically. Found a beautiful, quiet campsite on a lovely
    green field next to a river.

(road trip continued in week 33's photos)

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