project365 week 36...

1. I've been wanting this faux taxidermy moose for quite a while now, but didn't really want to pay
    full price. I finally found him on sale at a lovely local shop - red brick furniture. (their website 
    isn't great) Not sure where to put him yet. 
2. The moon at 8 am.
3. Just some really pretty end of summer light streaming in the living room window.
4. A bit of a chill in the air. Mustard. And knitting. Feels like fall.
5. Watching the Democratic National Convention. Happy to be Canadian but wishing I could vote
    for Obama.
6. I forgot to take a photo today! I'm really not sure how that happened. I remember thinking about
    it a couple of times throughout the day but someone still managed to forget. So I took this
    photo Saturday morning. Tiny sign of fall.
7. Stormy skies today. The rain didn't show until a couple of days later. It was really gross and
    muggy all day.

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