project365 week 37...

1. It's sock season! Brand new socks (made in Canada!) and a kitten trying to eat a ball of yarn.
2. My favourite new sweater. Only $14. And from Walmart of all places. Who knew?
3. More Ooak prep. My fabulous mother-in-law made fabric labels and stamped and attached all
    these tags for me. Thank you.
4. On my walk to the mailbox. 
5. More beautiful end of summer light. The morning light in the kitchen is one of my favourite
    things about our house. We're planning built-in seating in this kitchen nook. I have it designed
    and drawn. Now we just need to wait for money and time to do it. I can't wait to have a cozy
    morning spot to have my coffee.  
6. And more Ooak prep...labeling.
7. Glen found these metal letters at the scrapyard. And he didn't think I'd like them. So he didn't
    buy any! Of course we had to go back so I could look for myself. Other than not having either 
    of our initials, they're perfect. We got there at 5 minutes to closing so were in a bit of a panic. 
    No time to really think things through. They only had about 5 letters (but multiples of each of 
    them). So I figured I'd just get a 'd', 'k' and 'a' and decide which I'd use later. Grand total $13.50!
    About 5 minutes into our drive home, Glen suggested I should've taken an 'o' as well so I could 
    spell 'ok'.
    Great. You couldn't have thought of that 5 minutes ago?! 
    So of course now I desperately need an 'o'. Which means I'll be heading out to the scrap yard 
    first thing monday morning. 

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