project365 week 42...

1. We got in at 2am Sunday morning to find a lovely birthday gift surprise from my mother-in-law
    on the dining room table.
2. I picked up Little Miss from her 2 week adventure at my mom and dad's. She was happy to be 
    home. Cuddlier than ever. I learned later that she never settled down while she was away. She
    meowed the whole time. Which sucks. Not just for her, but for us. What do we do with her next 
    time we go away??
3. Back at it. Starting to fill orders from the One of a Kind show. Thank you to all who ordered! 
    And thank you for your patience. I've shipped all orders except one...I'm waiting for the yarn. 
4. We got back from New England just in time for the explosion of red here on the west coast.
5. Just a super cute mini pumpkin.
6. Delivering orders to LYNNsteven (gastown) and LUT boutique (main street).
7. I bought this lovely paper cut card at the Glass House and I thought I'd lost it / accidentally 
    thrown it out! Thankfully it was just tucked in a suitcase pocket. Phew.

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