project365 week 43...

1. I made a super delicious pumpkin cake for a belated Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws. I got 
    the recipe from my sister-in-law who got it from here. It's a bit lopsided but tasted great 
2. Packaging orders.
3. Tea time
4. Restocked on my favourite candles. I get the vanilla. These are the only scented candles I like.
    Doesn't smell fake at all.
5. A gorgeous fall day. Although I was inside knitting all day, I popped out to take a photo of my 
    tree and the beautiful blue sky.
6. Oops. Watching Project Runway. Not paying attention to my knitting. (You might have to look
    closely to see where the pattern reverses).
7. Breakfast at White Spot. 

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