project365 week 51...

1. The finished wreath. I got lazy and only wrapped the yarn around once. So if you look closely,
    you can see the white styrofoam peeking through. Oh well. Don't look closely.
2. Waiting in the border lineup to pick up my kindle in Blaine. The one I wanted isn't available in
    Canada. Dumb. 
3. It snowed. A lot. 
4. More snow. I shovelled the walk and stairs 4 times! After the mail came, I just let it snow.
5. I love her giant paws.
6. Crafting some gifts for my mom(s) and sisters. I've wanted to do this since I saw this diy and
    just never got around to it. They looked pretty good I think. 
7. Glen and I made snow globes last year. I emptied the water before storing them and decided I
    liked it without the water.  

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