project365 week 52 + 53...

1. Glen practicing! He has his Bachelor in Trumpet Performance but I haven't heard him play in
    about 15 years. Crazy. He played for my family on Christmas Eve (O Holy Night) and it
    brought me back to 1997. I wish he still played.
2. My niece organized a ping-pong and foosball tournament on Christmas Eve. Here's my dad
    playing for the first time since 1964! It was really nice to see him having so much fun.
3. Brown paper packages tied up with string all ready to go.
4. Glen got a boat. He traded a bunch of old motorcycle parts that he didn't want anymore. So we
    got a free boat and got rid of a bunch of crap. Pretty good deal. It need a bit of work (what boat
    doesn't?) but not too much. He's looking forward to spring.
5. Glen got a couple of tattoos. Here they are in progress. I'll post photos of the tattoos when
    they're healed up and his arm hair has grown back. 
6. I needed help with my right hand. Missy was pretty interested in what was going on.
7. I love my new kindle. The best part is the built in dictionary! Just touch the word for a couple
    of seconds and the definition pops up. So great. 

1. There's a cat sleeping on my feet. So of course I couldn't get up to make lunch. 
2. The very last photo of 2012's project365. And how fitting. My new year's resolution is to knit
    a sweater using this gorgeous yarn from brooklyn tweed. The sample skein and shade card
    arrived in the mail today. Perfect.

Well, that's it. I did it. 
One photo every day for a year. 
They weren't always the most beautiful photos but I really enjoyed this. 
It's really nice to be able to scroll back through and remember the little things that are so easily forgotten. 
I think I'll make a blurb book too. 
Maybe a week per page. 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it again this year, but when I woke up this morning and realized I didn't 'have' to take a photo today, I felt a bit sad. 
So...project365 2013...here we go. 

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