Glen and I spent the last 2 weeks touring the east coast of Canada.
Saw some beautiful things.
But it wasn't really what I'd expected...or, more accurately, had built up in my mind.
I had the romantic image of Newfoundland as it must have been in the glory days of the Cod fisheries.
Like in Kit's Law by Donna Morrisey.
Some spots were somewhat how I imagined, but most were too modernized.
By modernized, I mean vinyl sided.
However, Nova Scotia was a very pleasant surprise.
Especially the 'South Shore'.
Felt to me what Maine and New England must be like (in my imagination as I've never been to either.)
And PEI brought me back to grade 10 when Glen and I met doing the musical Anne of Green Gables (I played Josie Pye, Glen played the trumpet).
I bought the soundtrack from the gift shop at Green Gables.
Fun to reminisce.
But we still can't get those songs out of our heads!
Drove a LOT...approximately 7200kms.
We had thought of heading down into the U.S. but after that much driving...we were done.
So we came home.
Here are some photos from the trip. 

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