The house is finally painted.
I've been waiting for this since the day we took possession...about 3 years.
It took a long time to choose the grey. 
They were all either too dark or too light or too brown or too blue.
But I think the final choice is perfect. 
It's just grey. 
Choosing the door colour was also tough.
The first shade of yellow was too washed out.
So I went with a slightly darker shade. 
I'm still not completely happy with it but it'll do for now.
I'm sure in a couple of years I'll get bored of the yellow and paint the door a completely different colour.
Speaking of the door... 
We couldn't wait to get rid of the hideous door that we had (the photos don't do its hideousness justice).
I bought a solid core wood slab door.
And I ordered the doorlite kit (window inserts) online here.
Then Glen put it all together.
He also replaced the yellow glass at the side of the door with some clear ribbed glass.
We were driving along 10th avenue in New Westminster and saw someone in the process of ripping out the perfect piece of glass!
So we pulled over, asked if we could have it, loaded it in the truck and drove home with our 'new' pretty glass.
And we love it.
The next project is to extend the garden on the left side of the house, up towards the sidewalk.
And I need a pretty pot for the top of the stairs.

Here's some before and after shots...

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