beautiful british columbia and peach milkshakes...

Sunday was our 12th anniversary.
So of course that meant we were heading to the Okanagan for Peach Milkshakes.
At Parsons Fruitstand of course.
We had 3 in 3 days.
One day the woman making them apologized that they were taking so long as the peaches had to be picked from the trees.
And the last day she apologized that they were more like smoothies than milkshakes because the peaches were so juicy!
We camped in the Kettle Valley in a tiny little town called Rock Creek.
We were right on the most beautiful creek.
With a father and son fly fishing in front of us.
And there were horses roaming free on the property.
They greeted us as we drove up.
One stuck his nose right in the truck window.
Turned out to be one of the best places we've ever camped.
The owner was absolutely wasted.
So drunk that we could barely understand what he was saying.
Which just meant we got a fantastic deal...$15 for 2 nights - since he never showed up to get our money on the second day.
I've been through Kettle Valley before but absolutely fell in love with it this time.
The soft rolling hills of ranch land.
Cowboy country.
We even found a roadside sign commemorating our day.
(All the photos were taken with my iPhone)

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